LeapTV is a short, edgy, unconventional, practical, and FREE online TV show that helps solopreneurs and small business owners with less than 10 employees, get clear on their business, make small but powerful pivotal shifts, and gain momentum by taking action while keeping it simple. It’s the show that teaches that small, intentional and consistent actions lead to massive results.

LeapTV is hosted by a Pioneer Brand Builder, one of the Best Selling Authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy, and a Business Performance Catalyst at LeapZone Strategies – Isabelle Mercier Turcotte. “Momentum Generator” is her middle name and her sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners raise the bar and expand their comfort zone to create outstanding brand experiences.

Linking people, design and technology is Isabelle’s passion, and an online platform for this show was strategically chosen by Isabelle because it allows for unlimited global reach, outright ownership, and flexibility to allow viewers to be interactive. Today, technology provides a bigger opportunity to get things out there, and LeapTV is launching now because of this opportunity. “Our ultimate goal is to reach one million people across the globe, and LeapTV is a phenomenal way for me to share my passion with the world and achieve this!”, says Isabelle.

Through Isabelle’s no BS style, the show helps small businesses perform like a well-engineered, well-oiled machine, and makes them think, act and implement like never before. LeapTV is also about building a great success community by leveraging viewers’ expertise and getting them involved by sharing their experiences, ideas, gems, concepts, insights and results; allowing small business owners to be a part of a supportive online community where they will learn, share, get involved, be featured, and gain momentum.

By watching the show you can expect to:
1. Have fun learning simple and powerful, business-building principles.
2. Increase your level of clarity and efficiency.
3. Gain momentum by learning simple tools and strategies to allow you to grow more effortlessly.
4. Learn what branding truly is and what role it plays in becoming extraordinary to avoid elimination.
5. Increase your overall level of customer delight and loyalty.
6. Learn how to accomplish more in less time (and more effortlessly).
7. Learn methodologies to help you keep it simple and more profitable.




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